Estate Agents: Why should you use SEO?


Estate Agents: Why should you use SEO?

SEO is a process of making your website more search engine friendly and by doing this allows you to appear for your chosen keywords (for example: estate agents in Bournemouth). It is a continuous process that promotes your business, drives traffic to your website and helps potential customers find you easily.

Here are eight reasons why you should be using SEO:

SEO will make your business more visible

Internet users naturally use search engines to find businesses. For people to find your website through a search engine such as Google, your website will need to be SEO optimised.

SEO draws in traffic

SEO will give you continuous traffic to your website from various keywords.  

Good SEO builds trust and credibility

Potential customers seeing your website on page one of Google will give your estate agency instant credibility. A business on page one of Google are more trusted than those who can’t be found.

SEO is useful for any business

All businesses can benefit from SEO, whether they are big or small as it will allow your potential customers to find you easily.

SEO will give you a good ROI

SEO is one of the cheapest and most effective marketing tools.

SEO can enhance your social media campaign

And vice versa! SEO can help benefit your social media campaign as it will allow your brand to be more visible on the web.

Also these days’ social media signals are becoming a major factor within Google’s algorithms. Facebook likes, Twitter tweets and Google Plus +1’s can now help you achieve page one rankings.

Organic SEO beats paid traffic

For most businesses, SEO drives around 50% of traffic to their website alone.

SEO helps to improve your website

To rank within the search engines, you will need to tweak and improve your website to make it more relevant to the user, making the user experience a lot better. 

Luke Stanley