Estate Agents – local SEO tips


Estate Agents – local SEO tips

Local search is vital for any estate agency website as it gives them a doorway to potential clients within their area. Of course broader search terms generate more traffic but if you are a local business those broad terms are likely to cause high bounce rates and will be very difficult for you to rank for you.

For example, a local search term like “Estate Agents in Enfield” is likely to generate a lot more relevant traffic than if you had optimised for “Estate Agents in London”. Although the term “estate agents in London” will generate more traffic, it isn’t likely to generate very many leads due to the office location.

How to target local search:

Localise your content

Before writing your content think about the local keywords you can include. The content of any website for estate agents should be relevant to the location of the office. Through your website you should also be referring to the specific locations you cover.

Without well optimised content, your website won’t rank within Google.

Clear contact information

Your website should clearly display your contact information, including business name, phone number and full address. You should have your contact information within the footer of your website. This will give you content on every page that targets your local area.

Get a Google Places Listing

Google’s organic algorithm is integrated with the Places listings meaning the maps listing will now appear in the local organic search results. It is crucial for any local business to ensure that they have a Google Places listing and that you have the correct information listed:

Make sure you -

  • Have placed the pin point in the correct location on the map
  • Have listed the correct Address
  • Include your business phone number
  • Include your Website URL
  • Write a short description including keywords
  • List the correct category – e.g. Estate Agents, Letting Agents
  • Include Opening hours
  • Include photos of your office

Go mobile

A lot of people who are searching for local businesses usually are on the move, this means without a mobile optimised website you could be losing out on business.

Local business optimisation is important for any estate agents. Don’t miss out! 

Luke Stanley