Destructive SEO tactics


Destructive SEO tactics

When it comes to SEO for estate agents there are no short cuts. SEO is all about hard work and persistence and if something sounds too good to be true then it normally is. When getting started in SEO it is important to get it right the first time so you won’t suffer the penalisations later on down the line.

Do you truly deserve the top ranking? Here are 5 popular tips you should avoid at all costs:

1. Build Links

Link building is the best way to get your site ranking well, if done correctly. Only seek to get high quality and relevant backlinks.

2. Write Articles

Article writing is a great way to improve SEO, target more phrases, spread informative and interesting news, among many other benefits. However writing low quality articles or copying them from another website will not add any value to you. Make sure you only write unique, informative and relevant content.

3. Scrapping Content

Scrapping content goes hand in hand with duplicating content. Your articles need to be written completely in your own words, you cannot rip off someone’s article and publish them as your own.

4. Buying Links

A dated and rarely used SEO technique due to its disastrous consequences if Google catches you however it’s still not unheard of.

Buying links is a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and you will be harshly penalised if caught. A simple rule of thumb is if it doesn’t look or sound natural then it should be avoided.

5. Redirects

There are many legitimate ways you can use redirects, for example if you are changing your sites URLs but they are still affective landing on the same page or if you are reducing the size of your website.

What Google doesn't like is when you try to deceive them, having different content for the user and the search engine crawlers, cloaked by a redirect then your website would be in violation.

If you want to rank highly your website has to be the most trusted, relevant and authoritative for your chosen keyword. Keep in mind that Google’s ultimate goal is to give their users the best experience possible, which means Google wants you to provide them with everything that will help their and your users find the most relevant results. The best way to ensure top rankings is to have the best estate agency website in your area. Don’t try to trick the search engines as Google is likely to penalise you. 

Luke Stanley