5 Time Saving Tips For Blogging


5 Time Saving Tips For Blogging


Every estate agent should have a blog. A blog gives you the chance to show off your expertise, influence and educate your audience and build trust along with many other SEO benefits.

So what’s stopping you?

For most, it is time and effort. Writing a decent article can take hours, depending on the length of the article.

However blogging doesn’t have to take up so much of your own time. As long as you know how to approach your blog, you can do it in a fraction of the time.

Here are 5 great tricks to save you time when blogging:

1. Write what you know

What should you blog about? If you are trying to write about something you know little about then it is likely to take you double the time. So write about something you know.

As an estate agent, your blog should be about the property market and local news. So write about what you know, after all you are the property expert and should be aware of what is happening within your industry and local area. Writing about things you know will make it a lot easier to produce decent content quickly.

2. List articles

These types of articles will start something like “Top 10” or “5 great tips about”. You can choose the headline before you start blogging and build your article around it.

3. Look to others for inspiration

 You must be reading blogs. If not, then start following a few successful ones. Try to read a couple articles a day and it should help you to come up with some new ideas.

4. Add your thoughts to existing content

Not everything can be your own ideas. You might have read an interesting article or infographic or saw a video on YouTube that you think your audience may find of interest. You can use this article, adding your own thoughts to it and make it your own, obviously referring the original article.

All the content on your blog must be unique to you so whatever you do don’t copy and paste the article into your blog.

5. Plan your posts in bulk

You don’t have to come up with the content on the spot and write it straight away. Plan out each article you are going to write for the next month. By brainstorming ideas you will save time on the thought process and relieve the stress of having to come up with ideas quickly to meet your deadlines.

You may want to have a theme or a series of articles every now and again. These types of articles are a great way to draw users back onto your website too. 

Luke Stanley