5 Reasons You Need SEO


5 Reasons You Need SEO


SEO is only one of two marketing methods in which you can improve the chances of being found on Google, which is crucial for driving new customers to your website and furthering your business.

Here are five other reasons why you need to invest in SEO:

1) Better User Experience

Your SEO strategies will be put in place to make your website appeal to both searchers and search engines. This means when you implement your SEO strategy the searcher should be your first thought, which will result in your producing better navigation and usability for your website across all devices. All of which significantly improves the user experience of the site, as well as helping you to rank highly.

2) Improves Insights

If you have an SEO strategy in place, you will want to know if it is working. This means having to analyse your website’s performance through analytics. The data you have collected from your SEO strategy can provide many valuable insights that can help you progress and expand your business as well as encourage you to branch out to new marketing possibilities.

3) Better Online Reputation

If you want to improve your SEO you will have to look into your online reputation too. Google show your online reviews prominently on the search results page when someone searches for your company, so it puts your focus as well as your customers focus onto your online reputation. Your SEO efforts will go hand in hand with your online reputation as it has the potential to attract or discourage potential customers from using your business.

4) 24/7 Visibility

People will be able to find you any time of the day, unlike PPC campaigns which can disappear once a budget is reached. This means SEO has the potential to provide visibility for your website at any time.

5) Makes You Stand Out

There is a lot of visibility on the first page of Google, there are up to seven paid positions (four at the top of the page, three at the bottom), three maps listings and then ten organic listings. This gives you chance to affectively have three listings on the first page of Google, which will obviously increase the chances of people visiting your website over your competitors, especially if you are ranking highly for each. Organic search results generally receive the highest amount of clicks which makes it vital for you to appear at least on the first page of Google! 

Luke Stanley