5 mistakes that will destroy your SEO


5 mistakes that will destroy your SEO

SEO is usually an afterthought when it when it comes to websites for estate agents and all their efforts are dedicated to making their website look great, rather than to optimise their site well. However no matter how good the website is, if it can’t be found, very few people will get to see your amazing site.

Here are 5 SEO mistakes that could be destroying your SEO:

1. Your website was designed over 5 years ago

The world of SEO is forever changing; the SEO techniques that dominated 5 years ago could harm your website today. After just a few years most websites become outdated, maybe not in design but certainly SEO. Ensure your website is up-to-scratch in terms of structuring, on-site SEO and techniques. 

2. Not mobile-friendly

It is a common occurrence for mobile searchers to be faced with a website that is hard to read or even use due to it not being mobile optimised, especially amongst small businesses.

Today, users expect a simplified, easy to read and navigate version of your website, whether it be a mobile website or a responsive website.

With mobile usage continuing to grow, the search engines can see that mobile optimised sites are preferred amongst their users and will rank sites accordingly to deliver the best results.

3. Failing to create quality content

Google is looking for great content. By producing great content, images and videos your audience will see you as a valuable source, giving Google a reason to rank you highly.

Google works hard to diminish poor content from their search results and anything that isn’t valuable to the user could be seen in a negative light by Google.

To produce the best content you should focus on giving the user a great user experience with lots of valuable information.  

4. Not actively blogging

It’s not about just creating a few great pages of content, having fresh content updated regularly on your website is a huge factor when it comes to SEO. An active blog will help the search engines to determine the relevance of your website for the search results, as well as giving Google a reason to return to your website to index the pages. Also by creating informative and supportive content it will help to draw in your audience.

5. Not being optimised for local

All local business should be specifically optimised for their area. This will allow potential customers to find you easily and get information about your local estate agency.

The majority of your customers are going to be from your area or looking to move to your area so why wouldn’t you optimise for your office location. Make it easier for people to find you! 

Luke Stanley