3 Things You Must Know About SEO


3 Things You Must Know About SEO


SEO is constantly changing so it is important to stay on top of all the latest SEO strategies that are most effective.

The last few years, the evolution of SEO has going down the same path with the primary focus being on mobile and the way search itself is changing.

Here are the 3 things you must know about SEO this year:

1. Mobile continues to grow

The last few years has been huge year for mobile search with the release of Google’s mobile friendliness algorithm updates. Google’s dedication to boosting mobile-friendly websites shows us just how important mobile is to search.

If you already have a fully responsive website then this algorithm update won’t have any negative effects on your rankings, but for those who still haven’t made the switch to responsive web design you are likely to see a decline.

2. Voice search

As mobile usage grows, so does voice search. Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant are being used more and more to search for everything from getting directions to finding out opening times.

You can improve your SEO for voice search by looking at the ways in which people search by speech and alter your content to match such as:

  • Conversational language – voice search is generally more conversational which means your content should be too.
  • Long-tail keywords – This is not a new concept but it is important for voice search. People aren’t likely to ask questions with a single word, they are more likely to ask questions in full sentence so ensure you consider long-tail key phrases.
  • Answer questions – “how to…?” and “what is…?” are likely to be the questions asked over voice command. These types of phrases need to be included within your content.

3. SEO requires great content

You can no longer trick the search engines into ranking you highly. The only way to rank is to play by Googles rules and Google loves content.

With SEO becoming increasingly competitive, content marketing and SEO need to work hand in hand to help Google find you and rank you.

Some SEOs cling to technical and/or black hat strategies, but with Google’s algorithms constantly becoming more sophisticated these techniques will no longer work for long.

Remember, good content is good for SEO and good SEO drives good content so ensure all of the content on your website is of high quality. 

Luke Stanley