17 Free Ways To Advertise Your Estate Agency


17 Free Ways To Advertise Your Estate Agency

Promoting your website is crucial for your online success but can be really costly, so here is a list of free places you can promote your business to help save your budget. If you sign up and promote your business through these channels, it will help you to boost your visibility online.

Here are 17 marketing opportunities to promote your estate agency online for free! To find success with these marketing opportunities all you need is time, effort and dedication and you will find yourself attracting more and more people to your website!

Search Engines:

1) Google

With around 87% of the search engine market share controlled by Google in the UK, it is vital that your business can be found within the top 5 positions on the search giant.

2) Bing

Despite controlling less than 9% of the search engine market share, Microsoft’s Bing can still bring in valuable traffic and shouldn’t be totally neglected when it comes to SEO. Of course, it is more important to focus your efforts primarily on Google but that doesn’t mean that Bing traffic is worthless.  

3) Yahoo!

The once almighty Yahoo! once dominated the Internet back in the early days, and although they only control 3% of the search engine market share today, just like with Bing, that 3% of traffic could potential draw in valuable customers. So don’t completely neglect Yahoo!

Local Directories:

4) Google My Business

This is one of the most important things you should sign up to online. Not only does it let you list your business online, it can potentially list your business within prime real estate at the top of Google’s search results. These business profiles enable you to list valuable business information that is very useful for people searching for your business.

5) Bing Places for Business

This is Microsoft’s version of Google My Business and provides pretty much the exact same service.

6) Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages is a local directory that is well-known across the world. A great deal of people still use this local directory to find businesses so it gives you a better chance of your business being seen.

7) Yelp

You may think Yelp is just for restaurants, and although it is very popular for that industry you can also list other local business industries on their platform. If you choose to sign up to Yelp be sure to check it frequently to find out what your customers are saying about you. And you should also encourage your existing customers to leave positive reviews for you too.

8) Foursquare

Foursquare is a business listing directory with a social networking aspect to it. People can check-in to your business and interact with other users.


DMOZ isn’t a pretty directory but it has a massive number of businesses listed.

Social Networks:

10) Facebook

You are likely to have set up several social media platforms for your business by now but if you haven’t Facebook is the place to start. And even if you have set up a Facebook Business page we doubt you are truly using this powerful platform to its full potential so it may be worth re-evaluating your social strategy.

When creating a page, be sure to choose the right category and fill out all the information required.

11) Instagram

Instagram is a photo-sharing social network that currently has over 500 million active monthly users. The platform is a great place to promote your business, raise brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.  

12) Twitter

This microblogging social network currently has over 313 million active monthly users. You are able to post company news and articles that you’ve published as well as engage with your audience.

13) Google+

It may not be the most popular social platform but Google+ is connected to your Google My Business page which can have an impact on where you rank within Google. For this reason, it is definitely worth having an active Google+ account.

14) Snapchat

Although Snapchat still attracts a mostly younger audience, the numbers for over 25’s are growing. This visual based, storytelling social network can work wonders for building brand awareness if you can find a creative way to push your business.

15) Pinterest

If you take any beautiful, original or creative photos, such as beautiful kitchens, amazing views or unique décor then Pinterest could be a place that you promote your business and draw in the crowds.  

16) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social network that has over a 106 million active monthly users. You may think it is pointless to get involved on LinkedIn but a huge amount of your potential customers are likely to have a LinkedIn profile. Be found where your audience is!

17) YouTube

YouTube is the second most popular website in the world so if you have created any types of videos in the past (e.g. promotional or guides) or are thinking of creating new ones, you should definitely share them on YouTube.


All the above are great tools to help you spread brand awareness, expand your reach and drive real people to your website. They are all free but do require a little bit of effort to create a strong presence within the platforms in order to find success. 

Luke Stanley