10 Simple Reasons Why You Need SEO


10 Simple Reasons Why You Need SEO


Search engine optimisation is extremely important to anyone who’s interested in having a successful website. When it comes to marketing your business online there are many ways in which you can promote and draw in traffic to your website but SEO is one of the cheapest and most rewarding ways to boost sales and drive traffic.

Of course, there are many SEO strategies that will help you achieve online success but is SEO really that important to you and your business?

Why is SEO crucial to your business?  

SEO isn’t about tricking the search engines to ranking you higher, it’s about making it easier for search engines and your users to find your website.

Here are 10 reasons you shouldn’t overlook SEO:

1. SEO has the best return on investment over any marketing strategy.

2. The majority of your websites traffic will usually come from search engines.

3. SEO will make you more visible and help you to expand your reach.

4. Page one, position one rankings on Google will get 33% of all the clicks.

5. Page one ranking websites receive 92% of all the clicks.

6. Your competitors will have SEO strategies in place, meaing they will be stealing your customers.  

7. SEO helps build trust and credibility online.

8. SEO will help build your brand recognition.

9. Organic rankings are cheaper and more effective than paid rankings.

10. Organic rankings cost nothing! 

Luke Stanley