10 helpful Google shortcuts


10 helpful Google shortcuts

Google’s search engine doesn’t just provide you with the most relevant websites for your chosen search but also the most relevant information. Google’s search engine provides their users with these quick and easy shortcuts to help them find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Try out these amazing shortcuts:

Weight converter

Just type – for example 90 lbs in kg  

weight converter.jpg

Currency converter

Just type – for example - £120 in euros

 money converter.jpg

Check flights

Just type – Flight (flight number) (the airline)

flight details.jpg

Time of sunrise

Just type – Sunrise (area)


Food comparisons

Just type – (food) vs (food)

chicken vs burger.jpg

Set a timer

Just type - “set timer 10 minutes” or however many minutes you want your timer set for.

 set timer for 10 minutes.jpg

Find popular holidays

Just type – (name of holiday)

 pancake day.jpg

Movie release dates

Just type – (Movie) release date

 movie release.jpg

Finds song from bands

Just type – songs by (musician)

 songs by.jpg

Book titles from favourite authors

Just type – books by (authors name)

books by.jpg

Luke Stanley