Why Email Marketing Should Still Be Part Of Your Online Strategy

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Why Email Marketing Should Still Be Part Of Your Online Strategy


These days email marketing takes a backseat to social media but a lot of the time email can be the best marketing strategy for Estate Agents.

Social media is the new, exciting kid on the block that everyone wants to be a part of thinking that it is the simple way to draw in more traffic and leads but social media really isn’t for everyone.

Social Media is extremely popular and that’s what draws estate agents to want to market their business on it but when compared to email specifically as a marketing tool, email is by far the most effective way to actually grow your business.

A lot of you won’t believe this due to the hype of social media but here are 5 points to prove that email is still a great tool for marketing:

1) Usage

There are more than 3.7 billion email accounts, which means around 95% of online users use email and around 2.9 billion people use their email at least once a day compare to Facebook who currently have around 1.4 billion daily users.

Clearly Email is an essential part of our everyday lives.

2)  Will your content reach the user?

When posting on Facebook your content will only reach a fraction of your followers which of course is similar to when you send out an email, however when it comes to email the message will almost always reach the user, but whether it is read depends on the person.

With social media, the message reaching the user depends on the time of day you send it as well as if the post draws the attention of user, etc. The content has a much less chance of being seen overall.  

3) Timing

Around 75% of Facebook post impressions happen within two hours and 30 minutes of the post being sent out. On average at least 74% of your Facebook fans will not see you posted something.

Due to Twitter being such a fast moving social network, a tweets popularity is said to be predicted within the first five minutes.

Where email differs is it actually needs to be physically deleted before it disappears. An email will stay in the subscriber’s inbox until it is noticed and then deleted.

4) Monitoring progress

Measuring the success of your social media campaign isn’t very accurate and most companies differ in the ways they measure this. Even tracking traffic from your social platforms isn’t an easy task.

But with email you will receive solid stats: How many clicks you have received, Growth rates, Open rates, how many unsubscribes you received, etc.

Knowing these stats will help you figure out how to improve your marketing campaigns and increasing your return on investment.

5) Promoting your business

The tolerance levels for promotional messages are very low for social media. People find it extremely annoying for a business to continually self-promote themselves via social channels. However people are more lenient towards promotional messages via email.

Here are the stats:

  • 77% of user prefer to receive promotional content via email
  • 4% of users prefer to receive promotional content through Facebook
  • 0% of users prefer to receive promotional content through LinkedIn

Social media simply isn’t built for self-promotion, however most estate agents treat it as if it is. Whereas they would actually be better off with an email marketing campaign. 

If you are interesting in setting up email marketing campaign or would like further information, please email us at design@restech.co.uk.

Luke Stanley