Signs of a Trusted Website

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Signs of a Trusted Website


Do your potential customers trust your brand and website?

That is a very important question you should ask yourself. Your website is the first point of contact for the majority of your customers which means that your website must reflect that you are a well-established and reliable business.

With this in mind, what are the main elements of a website that can generate trust?

Here are 5 of the key ways in which you can appear to be a trusted and well-established business via your website:

1) Customer testimonials

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Asking your happy customers to give a testimonial is one of the best ways to gain trust. It’s best to get honest testimonials left on third-party reviews sites like Google My Business and Feefo as it proves they have not been fabricated. Once you have enough reviews on one of these platforms you can simply place a widget from the platform on your website for all to see.

2) Social media reviews

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People are also more likely to trust reviews left via a social network, so it is important not to just gain testimonials on review sites but also social platforms too. Encourage your existing customers to leave positive (5 star) reviews on Facebook and then simply embed the reviews on your website.

3) Useful content

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The content on your website should help, support and educate your audience. You should include how to guides, FAQs, tutorial videos, as well as informative news articles. If your audience believes that you know what you are talking about and in the process are helping them to understand, it will promote a great deal of confidence.  

4) Guarantees


We all love guarantees as it will put our mind at rest. If you have faith in your services then offer a guarantee.

5) A strong, in-depth About Us page

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Businesses usually underestimate the power of an About Us page. It is important to let your customers know who you are, what you stand for, your history and expertise. If you provide a good About Us page it will promote trust! 

Luke Stanley