Online marketing trends to look out for in 2016

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Online marketing trends to look out for in 2016

Estate agents are always looking for new ways to boost business through marketing strategies and online marketing has become a key factor in estate agents marketing efforts. However, in order to beat your competition and get the most out of your online marketing efforts you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Keeping up with emerging trends is a great way to ensure you get the most out of your online marketing efforts, so here are some online marketing trends you will want to keep an eye on in 2016:

1) Wearable technology

Wearable technology is on the up and up, so don’t be surprised to see even more people wearing smartwatch in 2016. With these devices becoming more and more popular, it means there are new channels of accessibility opening up for online marketers.

2) New social platforms

If you’ve found success on Facebook and Twitter it may be time to expand your reach through new and exciting social networks. Almost every estate agent is on Facebook and Twitter which means it may be time to focus your efforts on alternative social networks such as Instagram, snapchat or Pinterest. These social platforms are a different way of expanding your visibility through real-time connections.

These niche platforms offer audiences that are more engaged and passionate too, so if you use these platforms correctly the chances of success could be much greater.  

3) Interactive content

Content marketing is possibly one of the best online marketing strategies around. However, engagement is becoming massive in the content marketing world. Real-time polls and animated presentations are great ways in which you can entertain and encourage engagement and social sharing when it comes to content marketing.

In 2016, we can expect to see less traditional blog posts and more interactive quizzes and illustrations.

4) App development

With Google expanding its search to apps, we are likely to see significant visibility advantages for businesses with apps in 2016.


With online marketing trends this will only be a fraction of the endless possible routes you can go down and you can be sure 2016 will bring many different opportunities for your online marketing efforts. 

Luke Stanley