Online Marketing MUSTS For Estate Agents

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Online Marketing MUSTS For Estate Agents


Online Marketing allows you to reach thousands of potential customers who may never have heard of your company otherwise. The internet gives us to chance to boost brand awareness through SEO, Social Media and many other marketing channels which can help you to reach more potential customers.

By understanding these techniques and with enough time, patience and dedication these marketing strategies will enable you to drive more traffic to your website, expanding your marketing reach and increasing sales.

Here are four marketing musts you have to get right to achieve online success:

1) Have a professional website

Your website will be the first point of contact for the majority of your customers so you need to make the right impression. In this day and age your website is your new office front so ensure it represents your business the way you want your customers to see you.

If your website is dated, your business will look dated. If your website looks cheap, your business will look cheap, etc, etc...

Your website will be vital part of your business even if you don’t know it yet, so don’t skimp on such a crucial investment. Make sure it is professionally designed by the experts, fits in with your brand, is user-friendly and leaves an excellent first impression.

2) Be social

We don’t mean set up a Facebook or Twitter account and post infrequent, irrelevant and boring posts.

Social media is a great opportunity to connect and talk to your audience. You should only post useful, informative and interesting statuses that will have some benefit to your audience.

Social media isn’t a platform to just self-promote! It is a place for you to engage with your audience, helping and guiding them in order to build trust.

By being social it will help you to build relationships and trust which can lead to more people using you over your competition. It can will also drive more traffic to your website, raise brand awareness and expand your reach to new potential clients. It allows you to show off your expertise, demonstrate/promote your services and answer questions about your business and services.

If you are willing to do the research, dedicate the time and stick with it, social media can be hugely beneficial and shouldn’t be overlooked.

3) Create High Quality Content

All the content on your website should be high quality, not only the static content but you should also be adding content in the form of blog posts and press releases.

The more content you get out onto the web, the more attention you will draw to your website. Create articles that readers will find educational, interesting or entertaining rather than continually promoting your business and property listings.

Blogs can be hugely beneficial, if your readers enjoy your articles they will return again and again to read more. However if you are only creating content to promote yourself and your property listings then these articles are likely to never be read.

4) Keep Track Of Your Online Reputation

It is easy to forget about how people are perceiving your business and marketing efforts. Websites like Google Local Business Listings and Facebook allows users to post reviews and tell everyone what they liked and didn’t like about your business and services. It is crucial you keep an eye on these review websites, if someone has written a negative comment then you have to respond to them quickly and try to resolve the situation publicly.

Obviously you can’t control what people write about you online but you can control how the situation is dealt with. You would be surprised by how much influence a negative review can have on a potential customer, so it needs to be handled delicately.


These four tips will make a huge difference to your website and online presence. Bear in mind that it takes time to build up a good reputation and achieve strong results, so stick with it and be patient.  

Luke Stanley