Metrics That Back-Up Your Marketing Efforts

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Metrics That Back-Up Your Marketing Efforts


You are working hard to draw in more customers and boost your business with all these new marketing strategies that you hope will drive more sales, however how do you know that your marketing efforts aren’t going to waste?

Here are five metrics that will help you validate your marketing efforts:

1) Bounce Rate/Time on Page

Bounce rates in general aren’t very reliable, as certain marketing strategies can really mess them up. However, if you compare it to the amount of time the user spends on the page, it can tell you a completely different story. If the time spent on site is equivalent to the time it takes to read the content before they bounce then the problem isn’t with the content but that you are missing the next step to keep the users engaged.

2) Page Views

It is important to track the amount of page views each of your web pages have had. This metrics lets us know the quality and value of the page.  

You should review this metric and flag the pages with the lowest views, analyse them and find out why they are performing so poorly. If it is because they are hard to find you may need to rethink your site architecture or put some more effort into your SEO.

3) Pages Per Session

This metrics shows us how many pages your visitors have viewed before they leave your website. This metrics again can be unreliable depending on your marketing strategies but if you look into it then it can help you identify some real problems with your website.

If your bounce rate is low it doesn’t necessarily mean your website is a success, page views per session will show you if people are really interacting with your website and visiting a decent number of pages before leaving.

If you have a low bounce rate and a high number of page visits per session then it proves your audience is getting a lot out of your content.

4) Open/Click-Through Rate

This is relevant for both email marketing and social media marketing efforts. It is one thing to have people following you or subscribing to your blog but if they aren’t ever opening your content then it indicates that they are no longer interested in your posts.

The open/click rates will show you how many of your followers/subscribers are actually still interested in your content.

If the open/click rate is low or declining then you will need to change something! This may be something as simple as changing the headlines, posting at different times or featuring better imagery with your posts. Test these things individually first before making any radical changes to see if it helps boost those numbers.

5) Social Shares

Social shares lets you see what your audience really wants to see from you. If you receive a high number of impression for your post but no shares or likes then you know you aren’t posting the right stuff.

Take note of the posts that are receiving a lot engagement and alter your content marketing efforts to reflect what your audience wants. 

Luke Stanley