How will you be found in 2016?

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How will you be found in 2016?

It looks like Google may be doing another algorithm update towards the end of 2015/possibly early 2016, which as a result will set many business owners into a state of panic about how it will affect their websites and if it will result in a loss in sales.

Google has confirmed that the next algorithm change will be a Penguin update, focusing on real-time so may not have a huge impact on your rankings so don’t worry too much.

However, it is important to stay focused on your online reputation through SEO and content marketing ensuring you are always following Google’s guidelines and delivering your audience with the best information possible.

But what online marketing strategies will dominate in 2016?

1. Mobile will dominate

Mobile has really exploded this year, not only did Google change its algorithm to favour mobile-friendly websites over non-mobile friendly websites but they also announced that mobile traffic has finally surpassed desktop traffic. If Google is backing mobile, it’s a safe bet to start becoming more mobile focused in your online marketing efforts.

2. Apps

Google is now indexing apps within their search engine making it possible for apps to rank. We are likely to see more estate agents getting dedicated apps in order to achieve more visibility online. Many users favour apps over mobile-friendly websites as they can do everything a mobile website can but in a more natural, convenient and accessible way.

3. Digital assistants will open more doors 

With the advances in digital assistant technology, we are likely to see a new kind of optimisation. Digital assistants like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana use search engines when they need to find certain information. This will mean we will have to change the way we optimise to accommodate these digital assistants to easily access our content/information. 

4. Wearable technology

Mobile doesn’t just stop at smartphones and tablets any more. Wearable technology is likely to gain more traction in 2016 and has already had huge success in 2015 after the release of the Apple Watch. But with more wearable devices set to come out in 2016 we are likely to see a change in how we go about online marketing in the near future.

5. Videos ads will grow

Video ads aren’t new but with social channels like YouTube and Facebook offering advertisers’ video options to market their businesses, it is likely that more people will become more accepting of video ads; giving you the chance spread your message through new channels. 

Luke Stanley