How to stay focused at work

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How to stay focused at work

We all know it’s not easy to stay focused at work, especially with all the distractions that can be going on around you in the office.

But here are some simple tips that may help you stay focused when you are working:

Block and turn off the distractions

The internet is a major distraction for everybody so when you need to get your head down and focus on work it’s best to switch it off.

If you can’t completely switch off your internet connection then you could always temporarily block all of your favourite websites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can block these websites by using an app like StayFocusd for Chrome or

If you really have a mounting of work it may even be worth switching off your email if you can. This will definitely help you focus on the workload in front of you.

Do not disturb

People around the office can be the most distracting of all. When you really need to focus on work it may be worth making it clear to those around you that you need uninterrupted work time.

If the noise in the background is still making you lose focus than you should put some headphones on and listen to some non-distracting music.

Set yourself a time plan

Plan your days… Most of us can only work for so long without a break before our brains lose focus. Having short breaks throughout the day can really make you more productive overall.

With daunting tasks or dull workloads it also gives you something to look forward to, knowing you’ve only got to work for a certain amount of minutes/hours before you get a break.

Figure out what works for you…

Not all these tips will work for everyone but hopefully it will give you some ideas of how to stay focused and be more productive throughout your working day. 

Troy Stanley