Google Chrome Will Block AutoPlay Videos

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Google Chrome Will Block AutoPlay Videos


Google has announced some news that will appease many internet users worldwide.

In 2018, Google Chrome will mute or entirely block autoplay videos with sound. This means that as of January next year, those videos that usually pop up in the corner of the screen (that are extremely annoying) will be muted or not appear at all.

Google announced this on the Chromium blog, stating that these autoplay videos “can use data, consume power, and make unwanted noise while browsing.”

In Chrome 64, which is set to be released in January 2018, autoplay will still occur if the video doesn’t play any sound but will limit the autoplay’s ability to make noise, unless “the user has indicated an interest in the media”.

This means that Chrome will only allow autoplay to occur if the user taps or clicks on the autoplay video.

Autoplay will also occur if a site has been added to the home screen on mobile or a desktop user frequently plays them on a particular site.

However, those who don’t want to wait that long also have the option to disable audio for individual websites which will be an option with Chrome 63 (out next month).

Google will be implementing these features in order to make web browsing less annoying and to limit advertisers’ abilities to bombard you.

Luke Stanley