Get More Out of Email Marketing

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Get More Out of Email Marketing


You should already know why email marketing is a valuable marketing tool for your business, but it isn’t an easy marketing strategy to crack.

So let’s talk about how you can get the most out of your email marketing efforts and draw in more readers.

Here are 5 of the best email marketing tips you should implement for better results in your next campaign:

1) Create Personalised Emails

Success within email marketing is first defined by the open rate of the email and the best way to improve this is to personalise your emails.

Branded emails suggest professionalism; first they should be sent from a email address and second include your logo in a prominent position.

You will also want to style your emails in a certain way to increase your emails recognition.

2) Create Enticing Subject Lines

This is simple; your subject lines need to be attention-grabbing and unique. Your subscriber’s inboxes will be full up with emails so you need yours to stand out as much as possible.

Add value to your subject lines by adding words like “incredible” or “great” as these sorts of words stand out and make your readers want to click to see what’s inside.

3) Don’t Disappoint!

So you’ve got past the first hurdle, the reader has open your email. Now you have to get your readers to actually read the email and potentially click further.

This means you have to create great headers and a compelling opening line. Get to the point immediately and use emotive language to get them gripped.

4) Keep Your Readers Curious

Don’t give everything away, you want your readers to continue reading or click further so it is important not drop the punchline too soon.

Curiosity will help earn you a higher open and click-through rate so use it to your advantage. You can do this by promising amazing results, deals or by asking compelling questions.

5) Provide the Perfect Combination of Imagery and Content

Most people will delete irrelevant, dull or salesy emails without a second thought, which means you have to make a great first impression and provide a unique email that will stand out from the average email.

You want to provide valuable and inspiring content to your readers backed up with enticing visuals.

Luke Stanley