Email Is Still A Dominant Force

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Email Is Still A Dominant Force


Email marketing may be considered old school compared to social media, mobile and video but despite it being pushed to one side in favour of the newer, more talked about online marketing strategies, email marketing is still one of the most effective online marketing strategies around and shouldn’t be ignore.

For example:

  • It has the highest return on investment out of any advertising channel.
  • It is up to 40 times more effective at acquiring customers than social media.

Email is a powerful tool in its own right; however it is a lot more effective when used alongside almost every other online marketing channel.

Here’s how email has a huge impact on 5 popular online marketing strategies:

1) Mobile

These days’ mobile phones are always within an arm’s reach and when people aren’t texting, searching the web, making phone calls or using apps, they are likely to be checking their emails. On average, 91% of people check their emails at least once a day on their smartphone.

2) Social media

Emails marketing helps to get your content out there but can also encourage your audience to share content with a simple click, expanding your reach even further.

3) Video

Email can boost your video marketing efforts by integrating them together. You should be sharing your video content through emails, sending them to your entire email database expanding your reach and getting the video seen.

4) Pay-per-click

You are wasting your pay-per-click efforts if you aren’t capturing email addresses at the point of conversion. Obtaining an email address gives you endless marketing possibilities as it gives you direct contact with your target audience.

5) Direct mail

The world is slowly going paperless due to postage prices continuing to rise and with direct mail already costing up to 100 times more than email; it’s becoming harder to justify direct mail marketing these days. However, you can use direct mail to encourage recipients to sign up online, enabling you to deliver future info, offers and communications via email for a fraction of the cost. QR codes or simple mentions are great ways to drive your audience online. 

Luke Stanley