8 Online Marketing Tactics You Should Consider

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8 Online Marketing Tactics You Should Consider

Estate Agents should always be looking to find new ways to get their brand out there through marketing. Online marketing can help to expand your reach and grow your business. If you are looking for new ways to promote your business you may want to consider these marketing strategies:

1. Blogging – This isn’t the first time we’ve brought up blogging and it definitely won’t be the last. Blogging is one of the most underestimated online marketing strategies among estate agents. Blogging can have many benefits for estate agents if done right. Here’s an article on why every estate agent should blog…

2. Search engine optimisation (SEO) – SEO is all about enhancing your websites visibility within the search engines and making it easier for potential customers to find you. Search engines such as Google will draw in a huge amount of your monthly traffic, so being optimised for the right keywords should be crucial to your online campaign.

3. Pay per Click (PPC) advertising – if you are struggling to rank within Google for certain keywords, a Pay per click campaign may be for you. With PPC advertising you effectively pay for your position within the search engine results page.

4. Google Places – within the organic search results, Google now includes Google Places listings for local search phrases (such as “estate agents in Bournemouth”). Creating a Google Places listing is free and easy to do, so if you haven’t got one already get registered.

5. Social Media MarketingSocial media for estate agents is another great free marketing tool that can help to promote your brand and draw in huge amounts of traffic. You should get involved on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

6. Email Marketing – Email marketing is a great way to retain existing customers, as well as to gain new ones. People generally like to be kept informed on the latest properties, offers and news regarding the industry. E-newsletters are a great way to share this information.

7. Video – It is extremely easy to upload videos through websites like YouTube. Videos about your local area, services or even helpful guides are highly sharable.

8. Mobile targeting – Many of your potential customers will be searching for properties via their mobile devices, it is crucial that you meet your users’ needs by having a mobile optimised site to make their experience as easy as possible. Very few estate agents in your area are likely to be mobile optimised, which means a mobile website will really help you stand out from the crowd.

These strategies will help you to be seen and heard around the internet in 2014. You need to aim to provide for all your potential customers preferences and needs by marketing through a number of channels. 

Luke Stanley