5 digital marketing trends you should consider

| Online marketing

Do you want to get more out of your digital marketing efforts? Here are 5 digital marketing strategies that you may not have considered but definitely should:

1) Instagram

We strive for visual stimulation so it comes as no surprise that Instagram has been a huge success. If you have lots of visuals to show off why not share them on this channel?

You should also be aware that Instagram is becoming more geared towards business and now offers paid advertising opportunities to help you promote your business.

2) Snapchat

Once again, Snapchat is a visual social platform that has taken the world by storm. It is no longer just for teenagers like it once was and now more and more businesses are beginning to use the power of Snapchat to promote their businesses.

3) Pinterest

Pinterest is another social platform that is gearing itself more towards businesses in order to help them promote their products and services to their 100 million or so active users.

4) Podcasts

This is something you are likely to have heard of but not really considered it as a way to market your business. Podcast listeners have significantly risen over the last few years so if you have something of value to share such as important industry information it may be worth voicing your thoughts to your audience.

5) Content remarketing

Content marketing is obviously a must for all business, you should all be writing interest and informative blogs, eBooks and all other types of content marketing strategies. Content remarketing is a way to recapture your audience’s attention and if you are writing good, valuable content it’s definitely something you should consider.


We could see these trends really taking off this year and will certainly help businesses create more opportunities, leads and sells from engaging with their audiences on a more personal level. 

Luke Stanley