5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes

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5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes


How a brand portrays itself online is of great importance. It’s very easy for a brand to be tarnished online by the smallest of things, and while mistakes are bound to happen it is crucial that you avoid making them as best as you can, otherwise your brand may be damaged forever.

So, here are 5 of the most common email marketing mistakes you must avoid:

1) Obtain permission first

These day’s this isn’t really a violation of etiquette, but of law. With the introduction of GDPR last year, your email subscribers must give you permission to send emails. This means it is vital that every contact on your database has opted in to receive email from you.

Ensure if a contact has only opted in for a certain type of email communication such as property posts, don’t add them to any other of your mailing lists.

2) Poor grammar

Of course, mistakes will be made but you must check and double check to avoid poor grammar and punctuation errors. These mistakes reflect on your brand very badly and can have a negative impact on your subscribers so ensure you proofread all email copies and use spellcheck.

3) Don’t spam your subscribers

Email marketing campaigns may overlap but you must ensure there is a break between email send outs. While studies have shown sending multiple daily emails won’t necessarily have a negative impact on click-through rates, bombarding your subscribers with multiple emails (even if they have different messages) will come across very spammy and will likely lead to a lot of unsubscribers.

4) Make it easy for them to unsubscribe

We know you don’t want anyone to unsubscribe from your mailing list but by hiding or forgetting to add an unsubscribe link to your emails will only harm your brand reputation.

Also, if you manage your mailing list manually, ensure you remove any customer who has unsubscribed immediately.

5) Make sure emails are mobile-friendly

Mobile usage dominates the internet and email is no different. All your emails must be responsively built to ensure they are readable on all devices. Ensure all buttons are easy to click no matter how small the device, otherwise your subscribers will become very frustrated!


Your email marketing campaigns are a reflection of your brand, and when you commit one of these common email marketing faux pas, not only does your brand get tarnished but the relation between you and the subscriber is weakened. Ensure you don’t commit any of these email marketing errors.  

Luke Stanley