10 characteristics of a bad boss

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10 characteristics of a bad boss

Almost everybody at one point or another has had to work for a manager that was terrible. A boss that made going into work every day unbearable.

A bad boss can affect the whole team and have an overall negative impact on the business because of it. Are you a horrible boss?

Here are 10 characteristics of a terrible boss:

1. Over controlling

They need to be in control of everything, every job, every problem no matter how big or small and have trouble giving that control up.

Micromanaging is likely to slow down your team’s personal growth. Having to have your hand involved with every little task can also effect the productivity and efficiency of your team.

2. Extremely stubborn

You can’t win with them. They always think they are right, even when they are wrong.

3. Scary

Does your boss frighten you? Or do you frighten your staff? Leading your team through fear isn’t a productive management strategy.

4. Negativity

If you are walking round the office giving off negative vibes constantly then the negativity is likely to spread across the office.  

5. Arrogant and blameless

A bad boss will always take the credit and blame other for the mistakes that happen within the company.

6. Emotional

A bad boss will make decisions on emotions instead of facts. They will bring their personal lives to work and take it out on their staff.

7. Playing favourites

Does your manager have favourites? If the manager plays favourites it will demoralise the rest of the team.

8. Avoid team building

Company culture has an effect on company profits. That’s why all major companies invest millions into keeping their employees happy. However for smaller businesses it doesn’t take millions to keep your staff happy, you can simply keep your staff happy by treating them with respect and doing small kind gestures for them and in turn they will work harder for you.

9. Indecisive

If your team is to follow your command you have to be able to make good decisions fast. Indecisiveness with give your team lack of confidence.

10. Unable to evolve

A business needs to evolve with the times and a bad manager can hold that up. Change is good and if you fail to keep up with modern practices than your company as a whole will suffer.

A company needs goals and a leader with no vision will get you nowhere. The best managers will have goals in place, clear vision and able to think long term. A good boss will always plan for the future.  

Remember, the workplace will grow a lot faster if you strive to be a leader rather than a bad boss. Next week we will cover the 10 characteristic of a good boss, giving those bad bosses out there something to strive for. 

Troy Stanley