Vital functionalities for mobile friendly web design for estate agents

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Vital functionalities for mobile friendly web design for estate agents

On average just over 40% of traffic to an estate agency website comes from mobile and tablet devices, this will continue to rise and predictions have suggested that mobile traffic will overtake desktop traffic by the end of the year for many business websites. Due to this having a mobile-friendly website is now a necessity!

Is your website mobile optimised? Are you giving your customers the best experience possible? Here are the four key functionalities your mobile-friendly website needs to have in order to give your website visitors the best mobile experience.

1. Prominent call-to-action

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Marchand Petit

On an estate agency mobile website the property search function needs to be prominent on the page as it is the primary call-to-action. When using a mobile device clicking a button isn’t always the easiest of things so it is important that you make the buttons large, clear and clickable, which will make it more finger-friendly.   

2. Clear navigation

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Marchand Petit

Navigating around the site needs to be simple and clear. Due to the shape of the mobile device vertical navigation is always preferred, especially when scrolling is involved. Just like with your desktop website, the user should be able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Fewer clicks are always preferred as internet connections from mobile devices aren’t always fast. As with the call-to-action, the buttons for the navigation need to be large and easy to click.

3. Click-to-call

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Many people accessing your website from mobile devices are likely to be visiting to find out contact information so it is essential for you to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to contact you.

Click-to-call allows users to call you at the tap of a button.

4. Make it easy to find your office

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As we said above many people accessing your site from a mobile device will want to find you so make it as easy as possible. Mobile users are normally on the go or away from their homes so could be trying to find where your office is located. It is essential that you clearly provide them with this information. 


Your goal with mobile is to make everything as easy as possible. Mobile users want information fast and delivered to them easily. With more and more people finding your business through mobile devices it is vital that you have a mobile-friendly website in place. 

Luke Stanley