The future of mobile for Estate Agents

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The future of mobile for Estate Agents

Mobile is a growing market and within the next few years mobile traffic will surpass desktop traffic. Once this happens estate agency websites will see a disruption in traffic quantity. With the growth in mobile traffic all estate agents should be looking to strengthen their online presences for the mobile to ensure they don’t lose out on vital traffic.

The majority of mobile users are looking for websites that accommodate their searching needs and experience. If you wish to maintain your sales you must ensure that the online experience of your mobile website is up to the same standards as your desktop website.

When it comes to websites for estate agents, your online presence and mobile optimisation must be made a priority. These days 72% of customers expect to see a mobile optimised site while searching via a mobile device or tablet, yet 96% of those customer encounter sites that aren’t optimised for mobile.

Estate agents need to take advantage of this surge in mobile traffic, however many estate agents still see a mobile website as a luxury. This misconception simply isn’t true; your website will be losing customers if you don’t meet their needs of a user-friendly mobile site.

Not only is mobile traffic increasing but mobile customers are more engaged customers, who are more willing to take action than those using desktops.

So take advantage of what’s on the horizon and make sure you are prepared for the mobile age.

Troy Stanley