Siri will read for you

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Siri will read for you

Apple is full of useful, quirky and fun tools that you aren’t likely to be aware even exist unless you have really delved deep into your iPhone settings.

Siri is capable of a lot; she can tell you the weather, the news, answer most of your questions, launch apps, etc.

Apple is constantly working on to make Siri smarter and here’s one trick she can do that you probably weren’t aware of.

Siri can read webpages to you. 

This is a very cool tool as there are times when it is more convenient to listen to an article rather than read them, for example when you are driving, cooking or in the bath.

To unlock this feature, simply go into your iPhone settings, go to General > Accessibility > Speech and switch on the Speak Screen option.

All you have to do then is open up Safari and find a webpage (or article) you wish Siri to read to you. When you are ready for Siri to read, swipe down from the URL/Address bar at the top using two fingers and a Speak Screen box will appear. Siri will then automatically start reading the entire page once activated.

siri speaker.jpg

Siri will even read the ads so if you don’t want Siri to read any ads or other non-content related text, simply tap the Reader View button (the four lines at the top left of the page in the URL/Address bar) before swiping two fingers down to activate Siri’s Speak Screen box.

You can easily slow down or speed up how fast Siri reads to you by clicking the turtle (to slow down) or the hare (to speed up). You are also able to pause the reading, go back a paragraph or skip to the next paragraph using the rewind and fast forward icons. 

Luke Stanley