Samsung to unveil a curved screen smartphone

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Samsung to unveil a curved screen smartphone

Samsung has announced that they have plans to launch a smartphone with a curved screen next month.

Samsung’s mobile business head of strategic marketing, D.J. Lee announced this during the Galaxy Note 3 launch event; however he did not reveal any other details regarding the future handset.

If this release is true then users will be able to bend and pull the smartphone. This type of technology may also protect the device from damage if dropped.

Samsung has already released a curved screen phone, the Nexus S that has a gentle curve on it; however experts believe that the new Samsung phone will be more than just rounded glass but a flexible display.

These flexible phones have been highly anticipated since Samsung first showed off a prototype of a flexible screen back in 2011.

But we will have to wait at least another month to see what Samsung comes out with.

Luke Stanley