Over half of Google search is from mobile

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Over half of Google search is from mobile

Google pretty much dominates the entire internet, not just search. It is literally the most popular website on the web, which makes this even more substantial news.

Amit Singhal, senior vice president of Google Search, has announced that Google receives over 100 billion searches a month, and that over half of those searches are coming from a mobile device. These figures don’t include devices with screens bigger than 6 inches such as tablets which means over 50 billion searches a month are coming specifically from smartphones.

It is finally safe to say mobile dominates search and soon the entire web.

And this is only the beginning of mobile dominance. With voice recognition and features like Google Now, Amit Singhal explains that the user environments and device capabilities dictate how we search, it’s not just about typing in the small box anymore, you can now directly talk to your phone and ask it questions meaning mobile search growth is likely to increase with time.

Singhal says,

“Search as we think about it is fundamentally how you will interact with computing. Computing may live in a 4-to-6-inch device, it may live in a desktop, it may live on a 1-inch round device.”

He also revealed that Google has indexed over 100 billion links within apps which are searchable, which is an incredible achievement considering apps can offer users information without going through search.

Luke Stanley