New Emoji’s Coming Soon

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New Emoji’s Coming Soon

Unicode has released its final list for the new Emojis of 2017 and we can confirm that there is going to be 69 new Emojis coming this year.

Emojipedia has released these mock-ups via their YouTube channel and are set to hit iOS devices this June.

Here’s the video to view all 69 emoji’s -

Jeremy Burge, the founder of Emojipedia, confirmed that these are the emojis for 2017 and that this is the final list.

The new emoji icons will expand its people range to include things like a bearded man, a breast feeding woman, a lady wearing a scarf and a child, adult and older adult variants.

They have added a number of new smileys, with a smiley wearing a monocle, a shush smiley, a raised eyebrow smiley, plus a load more.

It also looks like health is a theme of this year’s emoji’s with there being new emoji dedicated to rock climbing, saunas, yoga and even curling.  

New foods have also been added with the emoji menu expanding to broccoli, pie, coconut, steak, dumpling and much, much more.

There is also a random selection of fantasy emoji such as mermaids, elves, genies, zombies and fairies.

Emojipedia has created their own mock-ups of the approved emojis to show what they will look like when they appear on iOS, however this means Emojipedia’s mock-up emoji’s aren’t finalised and there is a chance that the emojis that will hit smartphone’s in June may look a little different from what we see here. 

Luke Stanley