Mobile usage in the UK continues to increase

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Mobile usage in the UK continues to increase

Estate Agents, your customers are increasingly using mobile devices to connect to the internet. Recent research suggests that 57% of web users in the UK have accessed the internet via a mobile device at least once this year.   

This means that the amount of people that have connected to the internet via a mobile device has almost tripled since 2009.

Most mobile internet activity in the UK occurs within the home over a WiFi network but mobile activity behaviour is likely to change over the next few years due to more and more 4G service providers being rolled out across the UK, making using the internet on the go a lot faster and easier.

With a great deal of home internet usage taking place via mobile devices and the increasing 4G coverage across the UK which is said to increase mobile connectivity on the go, suggests that the degree in which users connect to the internet via a mobile device is only going to increase with mobile activity becoming easier.

Over half of the UK population is estimated to connect to the internet via their mobile phones in 2013, and prediction indicates that this number will increase to 2/3’s by 2017.

This prediction only accounts for mobile phone usage and excludes tablets. 31% of the entire UK population now own a tablet, that’s 20 million tablets! From this it is clear that mobile devices are here to stay and because of this web connectivity via a mobile will continue to rise rapidly.    

Troy Stanley