How To Be More Mobile-Friendly

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How To Be More Mobile-Friendly


Mobile has dominated the internet for years and if you haven’t already gone mobile-friendly then you definitely need to do so as soon as possible. More and more people are using mobile to search the web than ever before so how can you become more mobile-friendly?

1. Responsive Design

Your website needs to be easily accessible from any device. To achieve this, responsive web design for estate agents is the best way to go. Responsive web design allows a website to readjust content, layouts and images to fit any screen it may be viewed on.

2. Have a strong social media presence

Marketing yourself online is vital to the growth of your business. Social media is one of the best ways to do this in order to reach more mobile users. All social networks are mobile-friendly and over half of social network users access these sites via mobile devices.

3. Make sure your site is easy to use

Landing on a non-mobile friendly website or a poorly designed “mobile-friendly” website can be one of the most annoy things if you are accessing it from a mobile device.  If the buttons are too small to click, the content is too small to read or if you have to scroll in every direction to access the entire site then it will be virtually unusable.

Ensure your site is easy to read and use on all devices!

4) Optimise your emails for mobile

Over 50% of all emails will be opened via a mobile device. Of those emails that were opened, the emails which were responsive had a 20% higher click-to-open rate than emails which weren’t mobile optimised.

Having emails optimised for mobile is just like having your website optimised for mobile. It means your emails will be clearly displayed on a smaller screen, as well as loading quicker to make for a better user-experience. Don’t neglect mobile-friendly emails.

5. Get an app

If you already have a fully responsive website but still want to be more mobile-friendly then you might consider getting a dedicated mobile app. You shouldn’t favour getting a mobile app over a responsive website, but as an addition can drive even more business from a mobile and with Google now index apps within their search engine results they are likely to expand your reach. 

Luke Stanley