How is mobile affecting web design?

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How is mobile affecting web design?

Today, around 40% of traffic to an estate agent website comes from a mobile device. This number will continue to increase and will soon overtake the traditional desktop visits.

Now when it comes to web design for estate agent, website owners need to consider how the website will look, function and convert not just on a PC but on a mobile device too.

To ensure you create the perfect website for both PC and mobile, here are some aspects to consider:

Mobile ready

Mobile devices have changed the way we use the web, communicate, search and generally find information. Everything is now at our fingertips and now because of this your customers and potential customer want to be able to access your website quickly and easily anywhere, anytime, from any device.

You have two options to be mobile ready, responsive design which will resize your website to fit any screen making it easy for the user to access and use or mobile website design, which is a separate website built specifically for a screen of a certain size.

A website that hasn’t been optimised for mobile is extremely frustrating to use, having to pinch and zoom as well as scrolling in all directions. Make it easy for your users, accommodate for any device they may be using.

Simplicity is crucial

A successful mobile website will be clean, simple and easy to navigate. With mobile you have to remove anything that isn’t absolutely necessary.

Mobile users spend considerably less time on the internet, it is important to keep your website simple, with a clean layout to ensure your visitors can find what they are looking for at a single glance.

Be fast

Your mobile website needs to be able to load fast. Usually because a mobile websites is scaled down and simplified compared to the desktop website it helps with speed. However you should still ensure your website is built with speed in mind.

Having a fast mobile website will result in fewer bounce rates, more reoccurring visits and longer browsing time on your website.

Many estate agents have already jumped on board and opted to get a mobile website, others have gone the next step further and got a responsive website. However whatever you decide having a mobile optimised website is crucial and without it you will be losing out on potential business.

Luke Stanley