Google Maps can now predict where you want to go

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Google Maps can now predict where you want to go

Google has announced that they will be releasing Google Maps v9.19 to Android phones which will feature a new tool called Driving Mode that will be able to guess where you want to go before you tell it.

Drive Mode will also notify you of any useful information like traffic updates and road diversions without the annoying turn by turn navigation. Drive Mode has been designed for those journeys that you do most often like the commute to work.  However, with the helpful notification it may make your commute that much easier, allowing you to avoid traffic jams and save you time.

How can it predict your destination?

It predicts your journey similar to how Google Now works by using the time of day, your location, driving history and even your online search history to figure out where you might be heading next.

Google will then suggest the best possible route based on traffic reports and weather conditions. The app will then also calculate an up-to-date estimated time of arrival for your next destination too.

The new mode will be available on Google Maps for Android version 9.19 or higher and can be launched through the Maps navigation drawer or a shortcut on your phone’s home screen.

However, if you feel this mood is too intrusive then you can disable it through the Timeline Settings and restricting the data, for example, stopping the app seeing your search history which it uses to guess your next destination.

Google Maps v9.19 has also had a few other tweaks such as the streamlined timeline view to make it easier to see where you have been in the past and you can also mute the turn by turn navigation easily from the main screen.

Drive Mode is currently available on the latest version of Google Maps but for Android only. Google haven’t released any information regarding if or when it will be coming to iOS. 

Luke Stanley