Google Chrome Is Getting Faster

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Google Chrome Is Getting Faster

Google has announced that their latest Google Chrome update, Chrome 56, makes loading web page a lot smoother and faster than ever before.

In fact, Google claims that refreshes are now 28% faster, and that this speed will be noticeable on both mobile and desktop versions of Google Chrome.

Google has explained that they have achieved this performance increase by changing the way the browser handle ‘Validations’.

A validation is when a visitor enters a website; Chrome will then request hundreds of network requests for the page. This takes time, so now in Google’s latest version of Chrome they are only going to request validation from the main resource, which saves time and enables them to load pages faster.

Google states “The existing reload behaviour usually solves broken pages, but stale content is inefficiently addressed by a regular reload, especially on mobile”

“This feature was originally designed in times when broken pages were quite common, so it was reasonable to address both use cases at once”.  

However, these days it isn’t as common to find webpages that are broken so it is no longer necessary for web browsers to validate every element of the site.

As a result,  this not only means web pages will load and reload a lot quicker than before but it will also use less data to load the page.

Google is continually working to make their web browser faster and more secure, having only just announced that Chrome 56 will flag HTTP URLs that collect bank details and personal information as “not secure” within the address bar. 

Luke Stanley