Google Assistant Will Be Able To Make Phone Calls For You

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Google Assistant Will Be Able To Make Phone Calls For You


Google’s annual I/O developer conference is underway and Google has already unveiled some impressive new features, especially the enhancements of Google Assistant that shows us just how far behind Apple’s Siri really is.

At the conference, Google demonstrated Google Assistant booking a haircut appointment and then making a restaurant reservation by speaking to two human people.

Google have been developing their virtual assistants to sound and act more human, which you can see in the demo where it uses more natural sounds like “ums” and “mm-hmms” in between responses.

Check out the video here –



This feature will be available to users “as an experiment” within the next few weeks.

But that wasn’t the only Google Assistant unveil announced at the I/O conference. The virtual assistant is now also able to have a more natural back and forth conversation without having to repeat “Hey Google” each time you ask it another request, a function Amazon has also released for Alexa.

Also Google Assistant will soon be able to help you navigate within Google Maps, meaning you will be able to get the information you need while you are driving so you can keep your hands on the wheel.

These new features are significantly superior to what Apple’s virtual assistant Siri can deliver, and at this rate could cause some people to switch devices if Apple isn’t careful.

With the advancements of virtual assistants improving at such a rapid rate, in the near future they are likely to be a tool we use on a daily basis and if Apple doesn’t pick up their feet they may fall behind.

After Google’s announcements, it will be interesting to see what enhancements Apple will be making to Siri at their own developers conference next month on the 4th June.

Luke Stanley