Android Might Soon Be The World's Most Popular OS

| Mobile / Apps

Microsoft’s Windows operating system has dominated the OS market for practically forever. Up until 2009-2010 the operating system controlled almost 95% of the OS market share before starting its steady decline.

However, it looks like 2017 may be the year Windows gets knocked off of the top spot. According to StatCounter, for the last 3 months Android has been extremely close to matching Windows market share, with Android last month being used by 37.42% of people compared to 38.59% who used Windows.

Apple’s iOS is the third most popular OS with 12.99%.


Back in 2012, Android only had an OS market share of 2.19% which is incredible to think just 5 years later that they are in reach of overtake Windows who at that time had 82.06% of people worldwide using it.  

The contributing factors to Android’s increased market share is down to the success Android has had in Asia and the continued growth of mobile and tablet devices within the last few years.

Android over took Window’s OS market share in Asia back in January 2016 and currently controls 51.83%, whereas Windows only controls 29.81%.

But for us Brits, Windows still dominates the OS market share in the United Kingdom with 41.02% of people using the operating system, with iOS coming in second with 26.73% and Android in third with 18.98%.

Despite Android almost taking over Windows as the most used operating system, Windows still dominates operating system usage on desktops with a massive 84.14% of the market, and OS X coming in second with 11.6%.

However, this isn’t much reassurance for Windows as internet usage has shifted its way across to mobile, and back in October 2016, internet usage via mobile and tablet devices exceeded that of desktop and laptop for the first time ever. 

Luke Stanley