3,500 Apple Watch Apps are already available

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3,500 Apple Watch Apps are already available

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced during Apple’s second quarter 2015 earnings conference call that the Apple Watch has more than 3,500 apps already available that have been specifically designed for the Apple device.

In comparison to previous Apple device launches, the Apple Watch app development is miles ahead of the game. When the iPhone App Store was released in 2008, there were only around 500 apps available for download. When the iPad was launched in 2010, only 1,000 apps were available for the tablet device.

Tim Cook mentioned that Apple was hoping to reach the 1,000 app mark for the Apple Watch’s debut, just like the iPad but instead they ended up with just over 3,000 app titles at its launch.

"And we thought it would be great if we were able to do that by a little bit, and as I've mentioned before, we now have over 3,500 apps in the App Store for the Watch. We couldn't be happier about how things are going from that point of view” says Tim Cook.

Apps tend to make or break new devices and for Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, a massive quantity of available apps along with beautiful design and strong hardware have definitely contributed to their huge success.

These numbers are truly amazing as Apple strictly limited access to functional hardware prior to the Apple Watch launch, which made it very challenging for developers to create these Apple Watch apps.

Reports suggest that large companies like Facebook and BMW were invited to develop apps in Apple’s secret labs, though this was obviously only available for larger firms.

However, Apple really has been trying to accommodate developers since the Apple Watch release by allowing fast shipping on early Apple Watch devices to them.

It’s clear that the Apple Watch has been a huge success with the great reviews and massive sales, the Apple Watch is truly leading the way for wearable technology.

Luke Stanley