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Software for Estate Agents - Hosting - Rackspace

We do have a belt and braces approach to our technical infrastructure, it costs us a small fortune but ultimately providing technical solutions is our business, something we take more seriously than most. Our choice of hosting company, Rackspace are the Rolls Royce of hosting, with clients like The British Army, Virgin Trains,, go-compare, NHS Direct, Transport for London, Vodafone, Vue and Which to name a few, they have to be not only good but awesome... Rackspace are the only company that offer Fanatical Support © and guarantee network uptime - This gives customers the confidence to chose our true cloud technology as we offer our clients something that few if any of our competitors offer - 100% up time. Insist on the best.

To be clear of what we're talking about - Hosting is the method used to make our software (RT Live) available to our clients, indeed it's where all of our technical solutions including; software, websites and web services are physically located, technically this is called 'Hosted'.

Hosting for estate agents - Resource Techniques via Rackspace

At the point we were looking for suitable hosting company we had some fairly lengthy discussions with our clients, their concern, like many that consider web (cloud) based technology is the lack of any data being held and accessible locally (i.e. within your office). Locally held data is obviously not really a possibility with a true cloud based system. Yes there are some highbred systems that allow for some 'off line' functionality but that makes little sense as locally held data is instantly out of date if you lose connectivity with your web server... Our challenge was to offer a solution where connectivity was guaranteed and is why after 3 years we still, in spite of the cost, host everything with Rackspace.


We are proud to offer cloud services with the support and backup of Rackspace, further information and a list of the many blue chip clients Rackspace provide similar services for can be found here

Benefits of using RT Live - Secure Hosting